How to Copy Online Videos to Your PC

By Greyson Ferguson

Download video files directly to your computer system.
i Video Cassette image by Guitar75 from

Many websites feature video you may download. This practice violates the terms of service of most popular video sharing sites (such as YouTube and Hulu), but other sites do allow users the ability to download the content onto a computer. Doing so requires only a few clicks of the mouse and a high-speed Internet connection, as dial-up Internet is far too slow to adequately download a video.

Locate the video file you want to download to the computer.

Right-click the file. From the pull-down menu that appears select "Save File As." A save window appears on the screen.

Title the video, then select a save location for the video. Click "OK" and the video file downloads directly to the computer.

Repeat the process with any other online video files you want to copy to your Windows PC.