How to Copy a Music Video to a CD on a Computer

by Rochelle Connery
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Copying a music video to CD on a computer requires a conversion process if you wish to play the CD as an audio file in a car or stereo. Burn the music video to CD as a data file without converting it, if you're just looking to transfer it to another computer or game console. Note that not all music videos come in convertible file types, but files with AVI, WMV, MOV, MP4, FLV and similar extensions can usually be converted using free conversion software, such as the one found in the Resources section.

Step 1

Convert the music video to MP3 or WAV format using the conversion software. This step is not necessary if you are burning the CD as a data file.

Step 2

Select the "Make Audio CD" option in the CD software to burn an audio CD. Choose the "Make Data CD" option for making a data CD.

Step 3

Import the music video into the burn queue of the CD software. You can either drag and drop the file from Windows Explorer into the burn pane or use the "Browse" or "Open" buttons in the software.

Press the "Burn" command to begin burning the CD. Leave the computer alone during the burn cycle, or you could damage the CD.


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