How to Copy Multiple Dropbox Links

By Joshua Laud

If you want to share your files with other people and you use Dropbox, one of the best ways is to put those files in your "Shared" folder. Dropbox is a cloud-computing storage server that lets you save files to a remote location. This means if you get an issue with your computer or hard drive, your important files are still stored online. The other main advantage is it allows you to share these files. If there are multiple files that you want to share at once and, for example, share those files in an email, you will have to generate individual links first.

Log in to your Dropbox.

Click "Public" to enter your publicly available folder.

Click the "v" arrow next to one of your files to share. Click "Copy public link." This will now be copied to the clipboard.

Click "Start," type "notepad" into the quick search and press "Enter." Press "Ctrl+V" to paste the link.

Repeat with all file links you want to share. Distribute the links list when you are done to copy multiple file links at once.