How to Copy an MP3 File to an Apple iPod

by Andrew Smith
ear buds image by Darrell Sharpe from Fotolia.com

You may have ripped or downloaded a variety of MP3 files onto your computer. Numerous software programs can be used to open these MP3 files, including Apple iTunes. Because an MP3 file will play in iTunes, these files can also be copied onto any Apple iPod. Before you can put one of these MP3 files onto your iPod, you must first manually add that file to your computer's iTunes library.

Step 1

Open iTunes.

Step 2

Click on the "File" menu at the top of iTunes. A drop box will appear. Select "Add File to Library" and a window will open in iTunes.

Step 3

Find the MP3 file inside the window that you want to copy to your iPod. Click on the MP3 file and then click "Open" to add the MP3 file to iTunes.

Step 4

Connect the iPod to one of the USB connections for the computer using the iPod cord.

Step 5

Click "Music" under the "Library" header near the top left of iTunes. Every song in iTunes, including the MP3 file that you added to iTunes, will appear in the middle of the program.

Click the name of the MP3 file in the center of iTunes. Drag the MP3 to the iPod that's listed under "Devices" to copy the MP3 to the Apple iPod.

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