How to Copy Movies From Websites

By Rich Bergeron

Video posting and viewing on the Internet is extremely popular these days. Youtube is the fourth most-popular website on the Internet. Yet there are few sites where you can reverse the sharing process and download the same videos you can so easily view. Fortunately, there are a few free resources designed to alleviate this issue.

Clear some space on your hard drive for your movie files first. If you plan to download a large amount of content, create or make sure you have lots of space. Full feature-length movies can run over a gigabyte in size. You'll want at least a few hundred megabytes of free space, even if you plan to download only a few smaller movies.

Go to if you are a Firefox browser user. This is such a great program you might even want to install Firefox just to be able to use it. Download Helper is a program that will allow you to download virtually any video you see anywhere on the Internet. Once installed it will show up under the tools tab of the browser, and it will create a tab on virtually every video. Once you see a video you want to keep, click the download helper tab. Pick a path on your hard drive for the movie to be saved in and save it.

Download the latest RealPlayer software if you don't have Firefox or want another option for downloading videos. This creates tabs on videos viewed in the latest Internet Explorer browser. A RealPlayer button will appear when you hover the mouse near the upper right corner of the video. Click on the "Download this Video" link to save the movie to your hard drive.