How to Get a Copy of Microsoft Office if Your Computer Crashes

By Gina Poirier

You can obtain backup Office software from Microsoft.
i Hemera Technologies/ Images

Most people know they should back up all of their files in case of a computer crash, but they may not know they should also back up their installation software. You might be worried if you downloaded Microsoft Office and do not have a hard copy, or if you lost the hard copy. Fortunately, Microsoft helps you reinstall Office software after a crash without requiring you to purchase a new license. You can use the same license on a computer that crashed as long as you reinstall Office on that same computer.

Step 1

Locate your Microsoft Office product key. This is a 25-character code that you received when you purchased your product. You can find it either on the product packaging or in the confirmation email from Microsoft if you purchased a download.

Step 2

Obtain installation software from and provide your product key to verify your product license. You can choose to download the installation software for free or order a DVD for a fee.

Step 3

Run the installation software on your computer and provide your product key when prompted. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process and access your software programs.