How to Copy Karaoke Discs

By Sue Stepp

Make copies of your karaoke CDs.
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Karaoke discs are fun to use for singing and entertaining. They can cost anywhere from $7 to $15 dollars each, and it's always a good idea to make a backup. Not all computer CD burners can make an exact copy of karaoke discs. The CD burner has to be able to read and write subchannel data. In karaoke discs, the subchannel portion is where the graphics data of a CDG is written. The only way to know if your CD burner can record it is to look at the manufacturer manual, or do some research about your CD burner. If your CD recorder is able to copy subchannel data, try the steps below to copy one of your CDGs.

Step 1

Place the CD in your computer’s CD burner. If it starts to play the CD, press the "Stop" button on the screen and exit out of your computer’s music player. Click on "Start," click on the down arrow at the end of drop-down window, scroll down and choose "My Computer." Right-click on the letter drive that your karaoke CD is in. In the drop-down box, click “Explore.” In the next window, highlight all the items. With your arrow cursor in the highlighted area, right-click, and in the next drop-down window click on “Copy.”

Step 2

Minimize all the windows that are open, and right-click in a blank area on your desktop. In the drop-down window, right-click “New,” and in the next drop-down window, click on “Folder.” This will create a new folder on your desktop. Name the folder with the title of your karaoke disc you're copying. Click on the folder. This will open up the folder. Right-click, and in the drop-down window, click “Paste.” This will copy all your karaoke files to that folder. Use your CD burner installed program to burn the files on the CD. If this doesn't work, see Step 3.

Step 3

Go on a search engine on the Internet, type in the search box “Audio Grabber” download and install this free program. This program makes an exact copy of whatever is on the disc you're trying to copy from. It will copy everything that is on the disk, even if there are hidden files or karaoke Word files. It is easy to use. Put in your karaoke CD you want to copy in the CD burner, and click on the hand icon to start the program. In the toolbar area of the program, click on “CD.” In the next drop-down window box, click on “Grab CDG Tracks.” In the next drop-down window, click “Grab to .cdg + wave.” This will load the karaoke files into your hard drive’s temporary memory. After all the karaoke files have been loaded, remove your karaoke CD, and put in your recordable blank CD. The program will record and install the karaoke graphic files onto the disc.