How to Copy Home DVDs

by Quinn Marshall

Home-made DVDs can store hours of videos and photos. As hard drive capacities increase and digital video becomes more popular, many people may wish to convert their home DVDs to digital video files that can be viewed on a computer and shared online. Because home DVDs don't have copy protection, copying them to a computer is simple and can be accomplished with a variety of free programs, including DVD Decrypter, DVDFab and DVD Shrink.

DVD Decrypter

Download DVD Decrypter and install it onto your computer. Restart the computer after the program is installed.

Insert your DVD into your computer's DVD burner. Start DVD Decrypter.

Select the "Save Destination" button and choose a location to save your video. When finished, press the green button in the center of the program to copy the DVD. The video will be saved to the location you specified.


Download DVDFab and install it onto your laptop or desktop. Restart the computer after DVDFab has finished installing.

Insert the DVD into your disc drive, then start DVDFab. DVDFab will automatically recognize the DVD. Choose either "DVD4" or "DVD9" from the drop-down menu on the main screen. DVD4 will compress the DVD so that it is half the original quality with a smaller file size, while DVD9 will retain the DVD's full quality. Choose a saving location by clicking on the "Destination" icon and selecting a folder to save the video to, such as My Videos or Desktop.

Select "Start." The homemade DVD will be copied to your computer.

DVD Shrink

Download and install DVD Shrink onto your computer. Restart the machine when the program has finished installing.

Insert the home DVD into your disc drive, then launch DVD Shrink. DVD Shrink will scan through the disc; this may take several minutes.

Click the "Backup" button. Choose "ISO" from the drop-down menu, then choose a saving location. When finished, click "Copy" to copy the movie to your hard drive.

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