How to Copy Your Google Cookies

By John Granby

Copy your Google Chrome settings to a new file to back them up.
i Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images

The Google Chrome Web browser is a great utility that runs well on many systems and does not seem to have the large memory requirements other browsers have. It is also easily customized to your personal preferences and you can add plug-in apps and utilities. As with anything that you have spent time customizing and evolving as you use it, changes to your system or a new computer can be painful if you try to recreate this from a fresh start. You can move your Google Chrome settings, called cookies, to your new system to help ease the transition.

Close down Google Chrome browser before backing up any user data. This ensures there is no interruption or possible data corruption before you start copying files to back them up.

Open Windows Explorer and go to the C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome directory. is whatever your username is on the Windows machine you are backing up.

Copy the entire "User Data" directory to another location such as an external hard drive or USB memory stick. Your Google Chrome data is now backed up.

Copy this User Data directory over to replace the User Data directory in your new Google Chrome installation and all your settings should be available to you.