How to Copy a File to the Root of an SD Card

By Jonah Quant

Secure Digital (SD) is an industry standard for communication between a computer and peripheral devices. The most common use of the SD standard is for Flash memory cards; SD cards can store tens of gigabytes of data in a space comparable to a small postage stamp. Modern computers can read and write data to SD cards, either through a built-in slot or through an external SD card reader. Every SD card comes factory-formatted with a FAT32 file system. You can copy a file to the root directory of that file system.

Log in to the computer. Click "Start," then "My computer." A Windows Explorer window will open. Navigate to the folder containing the file you want to copy to the SD card.

Insert the SD card into the computer's built-in slot or into the card reader. A new Windows Explorer window will open, displaying the contents of the root folder of the SD card.

Click on the first Windows Explorer window to select it, then click on the file you want to copy. Press "Control-C." Click on the second Windows Explorer window, then press "Control-V." The operating system will copy the file to the root directory of the SD card.