How to Copy an Excel File to My E Drive

By Ryan Casima

A flash drive is a removable storage device.
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Excel files are spreadsheet documents created by Microsoft Office Excel software. The E: drive in your computer is most likely a removable storage device, because the A: and B: slots are reserved for floppy drives, the C: location is for the hard drive, and the D: slot is reserved for the optical drive (CD/DVD). Copying an Excel file does not require any special software and can be done with the copy, cut and paste method.

Step 1

Locate the folder that contains the Excel files, which is most likely the "My Documents" folder.

Step 2

Right-click the Excel file and select the "Copy" option. If you want to copy the Excel file without leaving another copy in the original folder, select the "Cut" option.

Step 3

Open the "Start" menu and click on the "E:" drive.

Step 4

In the E: drive, select a folder that you want to copy the Excel file to; if there are no folders, you can create one by right-clicking the screen and selecting the "Folder" option in the "New" list.

Step 5

Open the folder and right-click the screen. Select "Paste." The Excel files will now be copied to the folder.