How to Copy and Edit DVDs

By Chris Moore

A DVD contains several bytes of data.
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The movies on DVDs are digital files that are just like computer files. Because of this, it is possible to copy the files and then edit the movies to record on another disc, provided you have the right software. Keep in mind that commercial DVDs usually have copy protection that will prevent you from such editing and duplication. But you can copy, duplicate and edit any DVD movies that you have produced yourself.

Step 1

Load the DVD into your computer disc drive, and open up the disc in a window. On a Windows computer, go to "Control Panel" and then "Computer" to find the disc; it appears on the desktop on a Mac.

Step 2

Locate the main DVD movie file on the disc—it will be the largest video file—and drag it to the desktop to copy it. There may be multiple movie files on the disc that you want. In that case, drag them all.

Step 3

Open the video-editing software program on your computer. A program directly working with DVD burning, like Roxio or iDVD, works best (see Resources).

Step 4

Import the movie files into the editing application; the "Import" command is often located in the "File" menu, where you'll select the files from a list. You may also be able to drag the files into the application.

Step 5

Highlight a segment of the video within the application's storyboard by holding down the mouse button and dragging the cursor across it. Drag that video into the application's project window if you want it on the DVD.

Step 6

Drag a highlighted clip or video file to another section of the storyboard if you want to move it to a different time slot on the DVD. If you want to delete the clip, press the "Delete" key.

Step 7

Load a blank, recordable DVD into your DVD burner drive.

Step 8

Click the "Burn" or "Finish" button within the application to record the edited movie to the DVD.