How to Copy DVD Movies on a Mac

by Greg Lindberg

You can create a copy of a DVD on your Mac. The following steps are written for users of a MacBook, but the steps are identical for similar Mac computers. Before burning a DVD, familiarize yourself with the laws of DVD duplication in your country. For example, in the United States, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) has very strict restrictions on the use of DVD duplication software.

Keep in mind that these steps are intended for personal use and should not violate DVD copyright laws. Note that DVD-copying software, for personal use or not, has been declared illegal. You can still safely burn a personal DVD using these steps on your Mac. An example of a personal DVD is a home movie.

Insert the DVD in the appropriate drive, and then select the DVD from the list located in Disk Utility. Disk Utility is located in the Macintosh HD. Double-click on Applications and then the Utilities folder. In the folder, double-click on the Disk Utility icon. Find Disk Utility's list of disks and volumes and select the DVD. Click on the DVD file and then "New." Select "Disk Image from [name of disc]." You will be prompted to type a name for the disk image. Give it the same name as the DVD. The Image Format pop-up menu will be displayed.

Click on either "compressed" or "read-only." Choose "compressed" if you want your disk size as small as possible. Choosing "read-only" will create a disc that is entirely ready, without have to unzip a compressed folder. To create the duplication process, double-click the Save option. Disk Utility should have now copied the DVD.

Remove the DVD by pressing the eject button on your keyboard. Returning to the list of options within Disk Utility, select the DVD image and double-click the Burn option. A Burn Disc pop-up should now appear. Insert a blank DVD (DVD-R) and double-click the Burn option. The DVD will now burn to the blank disc, creating a duplicate. Once the process is completed, a pop-up will notify you that the duplication process was successful.

Locate the disc on your desktop. Test to make sure the DVD works on your burned disc. You can also burn the same DVD images to as many other blank discs as you desire. If for any reason the burned copy has any errors when viewing it, try to re-image the same DVD. Also, make sure the original copy has no scratches or marks. If problems still occur, refer to the Help option in the Disk Utility for further solutions.


  • close Please review the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). A link to the copyright act is located in Resources.

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