How to Copy a DVD in Linux

By Stephen Lilley

If you want to copy a DVD in the Linux operating system, look no farther than native Linux application "Brasero Disc Burning." Note, however, that Brasero will only copy a DVD if it is a data disc or a video DVD with no copy protection. Breaking the copy protection on a commercially available DVD (like a movie you purchased at a store) for the intention of making a copy is illegal.

Put the DVD you want to copy into your Linux computer. An icon for the DVD will appear on your desktop.

Click "Applications."

Click "Sound & Video."

Click "Brasero." Click the "Disc Copy" button. Brasero will now begin the process of making a copy of your DVD. When prompted, take the DVD out of your computer and replace it with a blank DVD. Brasero will use the blank DVD to create a perfect copy of the original disc that was in your computer.