How to Copy All Drivers From a Computer

by Shanika Chapman

Drivers are essentially instructions that tell your computer's operating system how to use a particular piece of hardware. Without these drivers, some of your devices may not function properly. Backing up your drivers periodically can save you a lot of time and frustration when migrating current devices to a new computer.

Download DriverMax from Innovative Solution's Website (see link below) and begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the DriverMax installation.

Run the DriverMax software once the installation has completed.

Click the "Driver Operations" group and click "Export Drivers."

Select all of the drivers found to backup your entire collection of drivers, or you can select individual drivers if you wish. Backing up all of your drivers will ensure that you have all of the data needed in case of emergency or a computer migration.

Click "Next," and DriverMax will create a .ZIP file containing all of your computer's drivers for later use.

Store the .ZIP file containing your drivers in a safe place other than on your computer. Using a USB drive or simply emailing the file to yourself are excellent places to keep your drivers safe.


  • check Backing up your drivers gives you the ability to rapidly restore your system in the event that the operating system must be reinstalled, as you won't have to hunt for the appropriate drivers.

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