How to Copy From a CD to an iPod Without iTunes

By Claire Moorman

ITunes is not the only program compatible with iPod devices.
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Many proud owners of new iPods or iPhones have become frustrated with the long load times and exorbitant hard drive space requirements of the iTunes program. That's precisely why there are now alternatives to iTunes which still allow users to sync music from their computer and CD libraries to their music players. The CopyTrans Manager program received a four-star rating on, and downloading is quick and easy.

Download CopyTrans Manager from the CopyTrans website linked in Resources. Click the "Free Download" button, click "Save File," then find the installer in your downloads folder and click "Run." This is a completely free program which allows you to add music, videos and more to your iPod device while taking up only 3MB of space on your hard drive. The program does not manage iPod Apps.

Start the program by clicking "CopyTrans Manager (Free)" in the pop-up options box after installing. Click "Use CopyTrans Manager." This will open the program on your computer.

Attach your iPod or iPhone to the computer once you see the flashing icon which says, "It is now safe to connect your iPod." Use the USB cable which came with your music player to connect. CopyTrans Manager will display the contents of your iPod. Use the menus at the top of the screen to cycle between artists and albums.

Add songs from a CD to CopyTrans by inserting the CD you want to import into the CD drive. Then, click "Add songs to playlist" at the top-center of the window. This will display a new window which will allow you to choose the tracks to import. Select the "Audio CD" under My Computer, click on the tracks you want and click "OK."

Sync your iPod. After you have added songs from your CD, you will want to update your device with the new tracks. Click the "Update" button at the top-left of the program window and CopyTrans will transfer the new songs from your library onto your iPod.