How to Copy a CD to Flash on a Mac

By Brendan O'Brien

Updated February 09, 2017

Most Mac computers come with a CD drive and a USB slot. These are extremely useful features that can work in tandem when you have a small flash drive and a bunch of files that you want to transfer. Copying a CD to a flash drive on a Mac does not take any special software or an enormous amount of time.

Insert your CD into the CD drive on your Mac computer.

Insert the flash drive into the USB slot on your Mac computer. This slot is rectangular and is typically found with several other connection options.

Click both the CD and flash drive icons that appear on your desktop. They will open with the contents appearing in the window.

Press your "Command" key on your keyboard and the mouse button at the same time. Click "Edit" and then choose "Copy (number of items) items."

Click in the flash drive window. Click "Edit" and choose "Paste." The files will appear. Drag the flash drive icon and the CD icon to the Trash and remove them from the computer.