How to Copy Blu-Ray to DVD

by Quinten Plummer
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Don't limit yourself to DVDs of one format. Down-convert your Blu-Ray DVDs to enjoy your movies in both Blu-Ray and standard DVD format, on all of your DVD players. While the quality of Blu-Ray discs is much higher than standard DVDs, chances are not all of your DVD players are Blu-Ray compatible. But with the help of Blu-Ray ripping and burning utilities, you can down-convert your discs and make them compatible with standard DVD players.

Step 1

Download a Blu-Ray ripping utility, and then install it on your computer. Launch the ripping utility after the installation process is complete. Insert a copy of your Blu-Ray disc into your computer's BD-Rom drive.

Step 2

Select the option in the main menu of the ripping utility, to rip--or extract--the Blu-Ray disc data. In the ripping menu that appears, set the output format to DVD. Select the option to begin ripping your Blu-Ray disc. The procedures after the ripping process will differ, depending on the ripping utility you use.

Step 3

Remove the Blu-Ray disc from BD-ROM drive after the ripping process has completed, and then insert a blank DVD disc into the drive. If your ripper supports burning, select the option in the "post ripping" menu to burn a disc. Set the disc type to DVD, and then burn the disc.

Launch your computer's DVD burning software, if your ripping utility doesn't support burning. Select the "DVD Video" option in your DVD burner, and then drag and drop the ripped Blu-Ray files into the program. Burn the DVD.


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