How to Copy AOL Internet Mail to a Desktop

By Richard Bashara

Use AOL Desktop software to view email offline.
i Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

AOL Internet Mail manages your email, including a backup solution for your messages. It’s a good idea to save important messages to your computer, and AOL allows you to categorize these in their own folder for safekeeping. Once you have compiled enough of these saved messages in the “Saved Mail” folder, you can download them to your desktop computer with AOL desktop software. With the Personal Filing Cabinet feature, a folder is created for your email where messages are stored for recall without an Internet connection.

Step 1

Open your AOL Internet Mail inbox and click on “Inbox” from the left-hand column.

Step 2

Click the email that you want to save and click on “Action” from the navigation bar. Select “Saved Mail” from the “Action” drop-down. This option will save your email permanently to AOL’s servers.

Step 3

Install AOL Desktop software (see link in Resources) if it is not already on your computer. Download the file and launch the application, which will download AOL Desktop. After Installation begins, click “Continue,” and then click “Install Now” to complete installation with default settings.

Step 4

Open AOL Desktop software and sign in with your existing AOL account. You may be prompted to choose whether you are a new AOL member or an existing account holder. Fill in the bubble for existing account holder and enter your credentials.

Step 5

Click on the “Read” icon from the AOL Mail toolbar.

Step 6

Click on “Saved on AOL” to open the folder that contains the mail you saved.

Step 7

Right-click on the message you want to save and hover over “Save to” followed by “On my PC.” Select “Save on My PC” to store the message in the “Saved on My PC” Folder.