Video Effects With Skype

By Erin Webb

You must have a web cam to use the video portion of Skype.
i webcam image by Régis Verger from

Skype was created to enable video and voice calls directly over the computer. Some companies conduct interviews through Skype, while other individuals use it to chat with friends.

Since it's debut in 2003, creative teams have been working hard to provide users with cool video effects while using Skype.

Magic Camera

Downloading the Magic Camera 4.0 onto your Skype account allows users to add entertaining photo frames onto their webcam video, as well as change the background that appears during their video call.

Users can upload pictures and create slideshows, and this application also supports picture in picture during a Skype video call.

Business professionals can use this application to create video teaching seminars, as well as creating product demonstrations for potential clients.

Users must have DirectX version 9 or higher installed on their computer in order to download this application.

Magic Camera 4.0

Video Skin

Video Skin 1.4 allows users to incorporate animated video effects during their video calls.

User's are required to have the following in order to download this application: Microsoft Windows XP or 2000, Adobe Flash Player, version 9 and at least 256MB of RAM.

Video Skin

Fun Icons

Fun Icons allow Skype users to create animated faces to express their emotions to video callers. You can create millions of different faces, using the pre-installed photos and 3D characters, or create your own using your unique creativity.

Users must have Adobe Flash, version 9 installed on their computer in order to use this application.

Fun Icons