How to Cook Prime Rib on a Farberware Indoor Grill

By Chelsea Hoffman

Prime rib cooks evenly on a Farberware indoor grill.
i prime rib image by Chad McDermott from

Prime rib tastes delicious when slow roasted. Using an indoor rotisserie grill enhances the meat's flavor because it constantly rotates, keeping the meat's juices inside. Making a prime rib roast using a Farberware indoor grill doesn't require expert cooking skills or special assembly requirements. The indoor smokeless grill makes it possible to present deliciously slow-roasted prime rib at your next special meal.

Rub the prime rib roast with a selection of spices and seasonings. To further seal in the meat's flavor, rub it with a thin layer of sea salt.

Remove the skewer from the Farberware grill and untwist one of the ends of it.

Slide the skewer lengthwise through the center of the prime rib roast. Slide the roast to the center of the skewer. Push the spiked barbs from each end of the skewer to each end of the roast in the middle of the skewer. Push them into the meat firmly to anchor in place.

Reattach the end of the skewer and then place it back into its carriage on the grill.

Plug in the indoor grill. Remove the grill grate and insert the dripping pan that comes with the grill. This will catch the meat's drippings as it cooks. Replace the grill grate. Adjust the temperature to 325 degrees F. Roast the prime rib for approximately four hours, or until it achieves an internal temperature of 158 to 160 degrees F.