How to Convert YouTube to PowerPoint

by Leslie Truex
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Microsoft PowerPoint is a mainstay when it comes to creating slide show presentations. But often the bulleted lists of slides and occasional graphics aren't enough to adequately explain a concept. Now, however, presenters can insert video into PowerPoint presentations to improve training and liven up the show.

Step 1

Visit YouTube to find the video you'd like to use in your presentation. Choose a video that has the highest quality. Copy the URL of the video. This can be found in the video creator's information box to the right of the video where it says "URL," or in the browser. Highlight the URL, right-click your mouse, and choose "Copy" from the menu.

Step 2

Visit the You Convert It website (see References) and click the tab that says "Convert Online Video."

Step 3

Enter the URL of the YouTube video into the "Paste URL" box. Next enter your email where you'll receive the link to download your video when its converted. Finally, choose to convert to Windows Media Video (WMV) and click "Convert It."

Step 4

Check your email for the converted video. Give the service a few minutes to convert and send you the notice that the video is ready. You'll receive a link to download your video. Click on it and save the video to your computer. Be sure to remember its name and where you saved it.

Open your PowerPoint presentation. Navigate to the slide on which you want to have the video appear. Choose "Insert > Movies and Sounds > Movie from File." Find your video file and click "OK." You'll see a dialog box that asks you if you want the video to play automatically or when you click on it. Reposition or resize the video if needed. Press "Shift"-"F5" to test the video. Save your presentation.


  • Another option for adding YouTube video to PowerPoint is to download and install YouTube Video Wizard add-on for PowerPoint. Once it is installed, you can embed the video in PowerPoint simply by clicking the option to insert a YouTube video and entering the URL of the video.


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