How to Convert YouTube to MPG

By Randall Shatto

Convert YouTube to MPG
i Enrique Puertas,

YouTube is the most popular video website on the Internet. You can view music videos, TV shows and clips. In addition, anyone can upload funny or disturbing videos. The YouTube file format is a Flash video type or FLV. MPG or MPEG stands for "Motion Picture Experts Group." This file type can run in virtually any media player. Converting YouTube videos to MPG creates a smaller size output file. VDownloader downloads the YouTube video and converts to a specific file at the same time. CinemaForge converts YouTube as well as other media files to MPG or other file types.


Select the "Output Format" with the drop-down arrow. Choose the "MPEG" file type.

Copy and paste the YouTube video link into the "Video URL" box. Enter a different file name. You can save as a default name. Click the "Save" button in the "Save As" pop-up window.

Let the download process complete. This might take up to an hour depending on Internet connection speed and the download file size.


Select "Later" on the startup screen. Click the "Convert" icon on the next window.

Choose the YouTube file. Press the file folder icon after the "Input" box. Go to the YouTube video folder. Select the "File Types" arrow and choose "All Files." Highlight the video and press "Open."

Click the "Doc Type" icon after the "Output" box. Change to "Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG)."

Select "Convert" to begin encoding. The process might take about three or four minutes.