How to Convert an XPS Document

By Soumy Ana

XML Paper Specification (XPS) is Microsoft Word's version of PDF. You can save a Word file as an XPS file when you want to maintain its format when printing. This is useful when you have a file with many tables or images that need to stay in place. When you receive an XPS file through an attachment, you might not have the required XPS viewer to read the file, so you need to convert the XPS document into a PDF file or a Word document.


Step 1

Go to Cometdocs (see Resources), which is a free online converter.

Step 2

Click "Upload File." Select the ".xps" extension file you want to convert. Click "Open."

Step 3

Click on the icon that best matches the conversion you want: XPS to Excel, to Word, to Text, to HTML, to Writer, to Calc, to Impress, to BMP, to GIF, to JPG, to PNG or to TIFF.

Step 4

Enter your email in the slot underneath. Click "Send."

Go to your email. Open the email from Cometdocs, and click on the link provided. Download your file.


Step 1

Go to XPS2PDF (see Resources), another free online converter.

Step 2

Click "Browse" to upload your XPS file.

Step 3

Click the button "Convert to PDF."

Wait a few minutes. Your file will appear underneath the utility. Download your file by clicking the link.

Convert XPS to PDF Format

Step 1

Open your XPS file. In order to be able to open an XPS file, download the Microsoft XPS Viewer. Open the Word document. Click "File" and "Open," and choose your file. Click "Open."

Step 2

Download a virtual printer, such as Cute PDF.

Open your XPS file. Click "File." Click "Print." Select your virtual PDF printer from the printers drop-down menu.