How to Convert an XML Playlist to M3U

By Rachel Miller

M3U playlist files are supported by a variety of MP3 players.
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Technological advancements have allowed us to say goodbye to clunky portable CD and cassette players and hello to slim MP3 players that allow users to access their entire music collection remotely at the click of a button. These advancements have also spawned a host of digital conversion software applications that allow you to transfer your music from one computer or device to another. Playlists you have created on iTunes and exported in XML format can now be simply and safely converted into M3U files that are compatible with a number of portable MP3 players.

Step 1

Connect to the Internet, open your Web browser and go to the CometDocs XML to M3U conversion tool.

Step 2

Click on the green "Upload File" button.

Step 3

Navigate to where the XML playlist is saved on your computer. Double-click the file name.

Step 4

Type your email address in the box that says "Enter email."

Step 5

Click on "Send." The M3U file will be sent to your email inbox.

Step 6

Sign-in to your email account and click on the email from Comet Docs. Scroll down to the bottom of the email and click on the link below the text that says "Here is your file converted by CometDocs."

Step 7

Click the green arrow next to the file name and click "Save" when prompted. Choose a name and destination for your new M3U file and click "Save."