How to Convert XLR Files to PDF Files

by Caroline Thompson
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Microsoft Works uses the file extension XLR for spreadsheets. Spreadsheet files are usually too large to send via email. Therefore, they need to be converted to a small file format. PDF (Portable Document Format) files are small and easy to transmit. There are two ways to convert XLR files to PDF files. The easiest way to convert XLR files is to use the native application. In this case it is Microsoft Works. If the application that created the XLR file is not installed on the computer, then a third-party file converter application will be necessary.

Microsoft Works

Step 1

Check if Adobe Acrobat is installed on your computer. If not, you need another file converter software (see Section 2). Also, make sure Microsoft Word is not installed with Microsoft Works. According to Adobe, "Adobe has verified that Microsoft Works conflicts with Microsoft Word and will prevent the Convert to Adobe PDF menu from appearing in Word. Microsoft Works is pre-installed on many computers."

Step 2

Open the XLR file in Microsoft Works.

Step 3

Choose "File>Print" from the main Toolbar menu.

Step 4

Choose "Adobe PDF" from the Name drop-down menu.

Step 5

Click "OK."

Step 6

Name the file in the "Save As" field.

Step 7

Choose the location for the saved file.

Click the "Save" button.

Other Conversion Software

Step 1

Download and install another conversion software application if Microsoft Works is not installed on your computer. Microsoft Office Excel (some versions) can open XLR files also. For Mac users, according to DataViz, "MacLinkPlus Deluxe can translate, decode and decompress" Microsoft Works files.

Step 2

Follow steps 2 through 8 above. Or:

Send the XLR file to an online conversion service if the user does not want to download other software. There are many online services available that are fast, easy and free. See the link in Resources, below, for a list of some of the online services available.


  • When using online services it is important to research the company and look for reviews on the product.


  • Try a few services and tools and compare the overall ease of use and functionality. There are many products and services available to give the consumer a wide choice of options.


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