How to Convert Multiple Word Documents to One PDF

By Eric Som

Microsoft offers Office users the ability to download an optional and free “Save as PDF or XPS” add-in, which enables all Office component programs to convert Office documents into PDFs. One of the benefits of having this add-in is that Office users can format multiple documents into one and then save that document as a PDF.

Converting Multiple Word Documents to One PDF

Step 1

Download the free “Save as PDF or XPS” add-in by going to the “Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS” page on the homepage of Microsoft Download Center. To go to this page, see the Resources section below.

Step 2

Click on the “Download” button and then choose a destination for your file. The “Save as PDF or XPS” add-in dialog box should open. Should the dialog box not open, be sure to click on the “Start download” link located below the “Your download has started” phrase.

Step 3

Install the add-in, once the download process has completed, by double-clicking on the downloaded file; your “Save as PDF or XPS” add-in will be automatically installed into Office.

Step 4

Open the first Word document you would like to convert into a PDF, and leave it open. Copy and paste the contents of the other Word documents you would like to convert into PDFs into the already opened document, one at a time, making sure that you maintain the format and page breaks of each of the pasted documents.

Select the “Save As” option under the “File” menu, and choose “PDF” to convert the entire document into one PDF.