How Do I Convert WMA to a WAV?

by Arn Goldman

Microsoft Windows Media Player uses the Windows Media Audio (WMA) format as its proprietary audio container. WMAs closely resemble MP3 files but use Microsoft's own compression codec. To use WMAs in certain sound-editing applications, particularly those on Macs, you may need to convert your WMAs into Waveform Audio files (WAVs); to complete this conversion, you can use free online converters like Media Converter or Zamzar.

Media Converter

Load Media Converter (see Resources), select "Upload a file" to find your WMA file and click the arrow button.

Choose "WAV" as your output format in the drop-down menu and click the arrow button one more time.

Click "Start" to begin the transfer and "Download" to receive your WAV.


Load Zamzar (see Resources) and click "Browse" to find your WMA.

Choose "WAV" as your target format in the drop-down menu and type your email address in the blank window under "Step 3."

Click "Convert" and launch your email inbox. Once the conversion completes, you'll receive a message from Zamzar housing your WAV download link.


Visit Media-Convert (see Resources) and click "Browse" to find your WMA file.

Choose "ASF Audio (.asf,.wma)" as your input format and "Waveform Audio (.wav)" as your output format in their respective drop-down menus.

Click "OK" to convert your WMA and "Download" to access your new WAV.

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