How to Convert WMA to MP4

by Mitchell White

WMA stands for "Windows Media Audio." It is a type of audio file that's used chiefly by Microsoft's program, Windows Media Player. Not all audio programs and devices can use this type, however. So if you want to play a WMA audio file you have on your computer on a portable audio device like an MP3 player, you'll have to convert to a more compatible format. Many MP3 players today actually prefer the MP4 format.


Download a program capable of making the desired conversion. An example is Format Factory (see Resources). Open the installation file.


Begin the installation process by double-clicking on the file icon once it's finished downloading to your desktop.


Click on the "Video" tab in the main program screen after the program finishes installation and automatically begins. Although you'll be doing an audio conversion, MP4 also handles videos. It will still play the audio WMA file either way.


Click on "All to MP4." A new window will appear. Click on "Add File," and then find the WMA file you want in the browse window.


Double-click on the file once you've found it, and hit "OK" in the Add File window. You should now be back on the main screen, where the conversion will be listed. Hit the "Start" button at the top of the screen to begin the conversion process. The blue status bar will show your progress and will read "Completed" when the task is done.


  • check Click on the "Output Folder" button to find your converted file.

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