How to Convert WMA to Doc

By Mara Shannon

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Converting a WMA (Windows Media audio) file to DOC (Microsoft Works) provides an easy way to read or search through an audio recording of speech without having to listen to or transcribe the entire recording. An easy program to convert speech to text is Wave to Text, which you can download and try for free. To use it, you must first convert the WMA file to WAV, then convert the completed text file to DOC.

Step 1

Download Wave to Text, extract the files and install the program.

Step 2

Open Media Convert, a free file conversion website. Click “Browse” and select your WMA file.

Step 3

Choose “WAVE form audio format (*.wav)” under “Output format.” Under “Advanced Settings,” choose “Mono” for “Audio Channels” and “22050 Hz” for “Audio Sampling Rate.” (If you convert the WMA file to WAV with another converter, make sure you can change the settings, or it might not work with Wave to Text.)

Step 4

Click “OK” to convert the file. When it's finished converting, click on the link to the converted file and save a copy to your computer.

Step 5

Open Wave to Text and click “Convert Wave to Text.”

Step 6

Click “Add” to browse for and select your WAV file. Click “Open file(s)” to index the WAV file.

Step 7

Change the speech recognition accuracy and speed to your desired settings and click “Start” to convert.

Step 8

Click “Edit Text” on the Wave to Text toolbar. Click “Open” and select your WAV file.

Step 9

Edit the text. If you highlight a word and click “Start Edit,” you can hear the word played to see if the program's transcription was correct. When you are done, click “Save as text” to save the transcribed text as a TXT (plain text) document.

Step 10

Open the TXT document in Microsoft Word or another word processing program that can write DOC files, such as Open Office.

Step 11

Go to “File->Save as.” Under “Save as type,” select “Microsoft Word (*.doc)” and click “Save.”