How to Convert Windows Screen Savers to iMac

by K.C. Winslow

Many screen savers are designed to work on Microsoft Windows computers; however, considerably fewer run on Apple computers such as iMac. A program called File Juicer allows Mac OS X users to convert Windows screen savers into screen savers they can use on Macs. This gives iMac users access to the extensive variety of Windows screen savers.


Download File Juicer from the Echo One website. Install it by dragging the icon to the Applications folder.


Open File Juicer by double-clicking on the icon in the Applications folder. Open “Preferences” under the File Juicer menu. On the Results tab, select the location where you would like to save the converted screen saver images.


Drag and drop a Windows screen saver file to the File Juicer window. A new folder will open in the Finder that reveals the contents of the screen saver.


Go to “Apple > System Preferences > Desktop & Screensaver” and select the Screensaver tab.


Activate the new screen saver by highlighting "Choose Folder" in the menu on the left-hand side of the window. Locate the folder that was extracted from the Windows screen saver and press the “Choose” button to set it as the screen saver for your iMac.

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