How to Convert Windows Media Video Files to DVD Files

by Rochelle Connery

Windows Media Video files are not in a format DVD players read. Conversion or encoding of the files is necessary before you burn them to DVD. Most DVD editing and burning software encodes this information automatically before the burn process, eliminating a step for you. In most cases, you don't need to convert WMV files into any other file type before opening them in DVD software and preparing for the burn process.

Step 1

Open the DVD burning software and navigate to the "Burn" tab. If it opens in the editing pane by default, open the WMV file and select the "Make DVD" command.

Step 2

Make any changes to the speed and quality preferences you desire. In most cases, the default speed and screen settings should remain the same. Change them only if you know what you're doing and can easily revert back to the default settings should something go wrong.

Step 3

Insert the blank DVD into the disc drive of the computer. The software should recognize the disc as soon as it spins in the drive.

Step 4

Press "Start Burn" or a similar command, depending on the program you're using. Close out of any other applications so as to not impede the burn process. Depending on the length and size of your file, you could wait up to a couple of hours for the DVD to burn. Don't use the computer in the meantime.

Eject the disc when the burn process is 100 percent complete. In many cases, the software will eject the disc for you. Label your disc with a thin permanent marker on the top only. Never label or tamper with the bottom of the DVD, as this will render it useless.


  • According to AfterDawn.com, there are several encoders you can use for converting WMV files for use in DVD formats. In most cases, your software will do this for you, so there's no need for another conversion process, but in the event that you don't have this type of software on hand, you might want to convert the file using a file converter for DVD.

Items you will need

  • DVD burning software
  • Blank DVD-R or DVD-RW
  • Computer or laptop with DVD-burning capability

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