How to Convert Winamp Video to MP4 Video

by Ray Dallas

WinAmp is a free audio and video player that can handle various video formats, including AVI, NSV, WMV and MPG, according to the WinAmp website. There is no WinAmp video file extension, as WinAmp is a video player, not a video encoder. However, you should still be able to convert any file that plays in WinAmp to MP4 format quite easily by using free video converters.

Prepping the File

Launch WinAmp.

Press the "Library" option on the menu bar on the right side of the screen to access the WinAmp library. This is where all the media, both audio and video, reside.

Select the "Video" option in the sub-menu on the right side of the screen to view the video files saved to the WinAmp library.

Drag the video you want to convert to the desktop. This will copy it, which will make it easier for you to find it when you convert the file.

Converting to MP4

Direct the browser to (see link in Resources). Zamzar is a free file conversion site where you simply upload the file using the "Upload" button. The site will then convert the file--temporarily storing it on its server--then email a download link to you. Zamzar fully supports most video file types and will convert to MP4 free of charge for files up to 100MB.

You can also visit (see link in Resources). Similar to Zamzar, Media Converter converts most file types to MP4, up to 100MB. This site allows you to set specific output options, such as bitrate adjustment and choosing a specific codec. You are not required to enter an email address because the site provides a direct download link in the browser window. Simply upload the file, click through the instructions and wait for the file to convert.

Alternatively, download AVS Video Converter 6.4 (see link in Resources), which offers a free trial and converts between most file types and MP4. After you launch the program, you import the file from the desktop using the "Browse" button, then click the "To MP4" button at the top of the application. When you click "Convert Now," the program exports an MP4 version of the original video file.

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