How to Convert WAV to MP3 in Mac

By Art Corvelay

The Mac operating system differs in many aspects from Windows. Included in these differences are software programs that are compatible with each operating system. However, iTunes is a program that runs on both operating systems and allows users to convert audio files from WAV files to MP3 files. You may want to convert a WAV file because these audio files are typically larger in size than MP3 files. Therefore, if you want to save memory on your hard drive, this conversion may be necessary.

Open the iTunes program. Every Mac comes equipped with this software. However, if you deleted the program, you can download it for free from Apple's website.

Change the encoding settings in iTunes. Click "iTunes > Preferences." Then choose "Import settings." Finally, choose "Mp3 Encoder" from the drop-down menu and click the "Ok" button to continue.

Import the WAV file or files that you want to convert. You can simply drag the files from the folders in which they reside into the iTunes program.

Select one or more files that you would like to convert. Click on the file to select it. You can hold down the "Shift" button to select a series of files.

Click the "Advanced" button and select "Create Mp3 version." This will convert the WAV files.