How to Convert Wav to MP3

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You may have a collection of wav files that you have on CD that you now would like to convert to MP3s. Now that MP3 players are so much cheaper, you may have bought one or you may have been given one. Whatever reason you have for needing to convert your wav files to MP3, the following will explain how to do it.

Find a program to convert your wav files to MP3. The Internet provides a lot of free programs for this purpose. Some of them go both ways such as "ABC Amber Audio Converter" which is found in the Resource section.

Download the program of your choice. Enable your anti virus program. You don't want to get a virus if you can prevent it.

Read the help section of your program. You may find additional features such as doing batches at a time. This means you can select a group of wav files and convert them all at the same time.

Check you hard disk space. You need to be sure that you have enough hard disk space to save the files. Although MP3 files don't take the space that wav files do, depending on the amount you are converting you could run out of hard disk.

Set up a directory. Before you convert any files you need a place to save them.

Start converting your files. This may be as easy as right clicking on a file and selecting convert to MP3, or very complicated. If you have followed "Step 3" you shouldn't have any problems converting the files.


  • close Always make sure your anti virus protection is on before you download anything from the Internet.

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