How to Convert WAV to Flv

by Ray Padgett

Though FLV stands for Flash Video, the file format can store audio as well. Converting from audio in WAV format to FLV is done simply using FLV Converter. Having your audio in FLV makes it easy to upload songs to sites that rely on Flash Video, like YouTube and MySpace.


Download Imtoo FLV Converter (see Resources). Open the EXE file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the program.


Open the FLV Converter and load the WAV file you want to convert. Drag and drop the file into the program window itself or click the "Add" button in the window's upper left corner and select the WAV file from the pop-up box.


Select "FLV -- Flash Video Format (*.flv)" in the box near the bottom that says "Profile:" Ensure it now says "FLV" in the "Target" column next to your file in the large box in the middle of the screen.


Click "Browse..." next to the "Destination:" box located below "Profile." Select the folder on your PC where you want to save your FLV file.


Click the "Encode" button near the top of the screen. If a box pops up asking for your registration, click "Later." When the progress bar at the bottom of the screen reaches 100 percent then disappears (this should take only 1 minute or so), your FLV is ready.


  • check To convert several WAV files at once, simply add them all to the main window before clicking "Encode."


  • close You can encode only up to 5 minutes of audio at a time using the free program. Purchasing the full version removes these limitations.


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