How to Convert WAV files to BWF Format

By Alexis Lawrence

WAV files are a popular type of audio file that store audio clips with varying bitrates, making it possible to maintain CD-quality sound. BWF files are broadcast wave files containing supplementary data that goes with the audio, including timestamps and header information. BWF files are able to be read and edited in several different audio and video programs like Cakewalk and Final Cut Pro. If you would like to turn your WAV file into a BWF, it is possible to convert between the two formats.

Step 1

Download BWAV Writer (see "Additional Resources," below). BWAV Writer is a simple program with the ability to convert any WAV file into a BWF.

Step 2

Open the program. Once it has downloaded, double-click the icon in your "Downloads" folder. Choose "Save as" and click "OK." The program will install onto your system and open.

Step 3

Import a file. Go to the "File" menu and select "Open." Browse for the WAV file you want converted and click "Open" to pull it in.

Step 4

Select "Convert File to BWAV." The option is available under the "File" menu. A window will open in which you can type in a name for your file and choose an output destination. When you have entered the information, click "OK." The file will convert from WAV to BWAV. This should take a few minutes at most.

Step 5

Check for your BWF file. Once you receive the pop-up telling you that the conversion is complete, browse to your chosen output location. The BWF file should be stored in this folder.