How to Convert WAV to CD Format

By Editorial Team

Although they maintain high quality in audio files, WAV files cannot be transferred or read by CDs. To burn them onto a CD, you must first convert them into a file easily read by a CD. MP3 files are likely considered the most popular file format for CDs. Although they do not hold as much data or keep the quality as high as a WAV file, MP3 files allow for easy conversion from the WAV format. In just moments, your WAV file can be converted into an MP3 file for CD burning

Step 1

Import your WAV file into iTunes by navigating to "File," then "Add to Library" in the iTunes menu.

Step 2

Select your WAV file from your computer and hit the "OK" button to bring the file into iTunes.

Step 3

Right-click on your WAV file and select "Create MP3 Version" to convert the file. A new MP3 version of your WAV file will pop up in iTunes.

Step 4

Burn your WAV file onto a CD.