How to Convert VTS to AVI

By Craig Brewer

The video data on a DVD is referred to as VTS, or the Video Title Set. You can convert this information to .avi format, playable on a PC, by using various video conversion applications. Luckily, many freeware options are available, and it's not difficult to learn how to use one of the more common and easily accessible pieces of software. When finished, you will be able to view your files saved in DVD format as regular PC .avi videos.

Download StaxRip for free (see Resources for link). Make a note of where the installation file is saved.

Install StaxRip by double-clicking on the downloaded file. When the installation has finished, check the box next to "Launch StaxRip", and click "OK."

Click "File," and then "Open Source." Click "Single or Merge," and then locate the VTS files you want to convert. Click "Open," and then click "OK" on the screen that appears.

Change any of the settings found on StaxRip's main screen, such as the resolution or video quality. Give the new .avi file a name in the "Target" box, and, when you are ready to convert the file(s), click "Next."

Wait for the conversion to finish. If the VTS information is substantial, this may take quite some time--up to half an hour for a regular-length DVD.

Test your .avi file. If you encounter errors, such as missing or corrupted sound, try one of the other free conversion programs listed in Resources. The steps for conversion will be almost identical to those for StaxRip.