How to Convert a Voice Memo to a Text in Evernote

by Danielle Fernandez
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The Evernote note-taking app is a virtual sticky pad that syncs your important reminders across all of your computers and mobile devices. With its speech-to-text feature -- available only on the Android and Windows Phone versions -- you can record audio notes that are instantly converted to text as you are speaking. For an additional solution available on either Android or iOS platforms, Google Now or Siri offer an effective workaround.

Evernote: Speech-to-Text Feature

Step 1

Launch the Evernote app on your Windows Phone or Android device. Launch a new note by tapping "+ New Note."

Step 2

Tap the "Speech to Text" icon to initiate the feature -- it will look like a quote bubble with a microphone inside of it on the Android device and a circle with a quote bubble and three horizontal lines on the Windows Phone.

Begin dictating your note. Evernote will automatically convert the speech to text and compose a new note -- and, in the process, will also save and attach your voice recording to the text input.

Google Now or Siri: Dictate and Send Notes to Evernote

Step 1

Launch the Evernote app on your iOS or Android device and tap the "Menu" icon. Select "Settings" and then tap the email address with which you sign in to Evernote.

Step 2

Tap "Evernote Email Address" and select "Add to Contacts." A new contact listing will be created -- using "Evernote Account" as its default name, though you can change this if you prefer.

Step 3

Launch your device's voice assistant. On an Android device, tap the microphone icon on the Google Search widget located on your Home screen. To launch Siri on an iOS device, long-press the Home button.

Begin dictating your note by saying, "Send email to Evernote Account saying" and then dictate the content of the note. Your voice assistant will take your dictation and compose it into an email. Siri, by default, will automatically send the email, which will then be added as a new note on your Evernote account. On an Android device, you may also have to tap "Send Email" to complete the process.


  • Speech-to-text services require access to the Web -- in other words, an adequate data connection -- in order to work properly.
  • There are also a number of voice-to-text apps available in the iTunes App Store that allow you to record dictation, automatically transcribe it, and then share the file to your Evernote account. Solutions include Voicepaper and Voice Assistant.


  • Information in this article applies to mobile devices running Windows Phone 8, Android OS 4.2 and iOS 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.

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