How to Convert a VOD to an Mpeg

By Justin Obrien

VOD files are commonly found on video DVDs and VCDs, but they are nearly impossible to edit or view without software designed specifically for their format. The coding required to reformat VOD files to MPG files, however, is often difficult and complex in nature. Fortunately, there are procedures you can follow to easily convert VOD files to MPG files.

Step 1

Open "My Computer" and select "Tools." Go to "Folder Options," select the "View" tab and uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types."

If the file in question has no file extension (i.e., the file is simply "Movie"), this step will enable you to see and edit the file extension (i.e., the file is now shown as "Movie.VOD" instead of plain "Movie").

Step 2

Create a backup copy of the original VOD file by right-clicking on it, selecting "Copy," right-clicking on the window and then selecting "Paste." You will now have a copy of the original file.

Right-click the copied VOD file, select "Rename" and change the extension from .VOD to .mpg. An example would be renaming "Copy of Movie.VOD" to "Copy of Movie.mpg."

Step 3

Install video-codices via the CCCP installer if you wish to view the mpeg videos without any problems.

Windows plays videos with Windows Media Player by default, and this may lead to problems viewing the video if it does not have the codices necessary to open the file. The Combined Community Codec Pack is free software that is easily found on the Internet. It allows you to view various video formats, and will help iron out any technical problems from converting VOD files to Mpeg files.

Step 4

Right-click the file, select "Open with," then choose "Media Player Classic." Check "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" and press "OK." You should then be able to view the newly created Mpeg file without any problems.