How to Convert BUP, VOB, & IFO files to AVI

By Randall Shatto

An iSofter DVD ripper.
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BUP, VOB and IFO are DVD files. Each format is a specific tool that DVDs use to play on a DVD player. BUP is a back-up file. VOB is the main video, which is similar to MPEG. IFO files store information on the DVD like subtitles and sound. Converting DVD media to another format will allow you to change certain media applications. AVI is a standard video format. However, one AVI file can only hold 2 GB of data.

Acquire a conversion program. ISofter DVD Ripper and WinAVI Video Converter convert BUP, VOB and IFO files to AVI. These applications cost around $40.

Open the converter application and change the output file type. Select the "Convert" or "Output" option. On iSofter, go to the "Format" tab (set to AVI by default). In WinAVI, select the "AVI" button.

Insert the DVD files. In iSofter, click the "IFO," "VOB" or "DVD" tab. Search the drive for the specific file or files. Click the "Open" button. In WinAVI, select the "AVI" tab. Locate the file and press "Open." Select "Save" and choose "XVID" in the "Output Format." Click "Ok."

Start the conversion of your BUP, VOB and IFO files. WinAVI will automatically start converting once you add the files from Step 3. In iSofter, press the "Start" button. The conversion will be complete in about five minutes.