How to Convert Vob File to Mov

by Mitchell White

VOB is a file type that refers to what's on DVD movies. You can rip this info from a DVD or download a DVD in VOB from the Internet. The problem is that VOB isn't a file you can play on all movie players, such as portable MP4 players. You can fix this by converting VOB into a more compatible format, such as MOV.

Visit a website that can convert the file for you. Examples include Media-Convert and Free File Convert (see Resources).

Click on "Browse" next to where it says "File" and locate the VOB file you want to convert inside the browse window that pops up. The window will show the folders on your computer. If you downloaded the VOB file, it could be in a folder like "My Downloads."

Double-click on the VOB file. The file will appear in the box next to "File." The "Input Format" box should now read "DVD Video Object(VOB)" or something similar.

Click on "Output Format." A drop-down menu will appear. Click on "MOV," which should be under the "Movie Files" subheading.

Click on the button to begin the conversion, which should read "Convert" or "OK" or something to that effect. The page will load. This could take a few minutes depending on the file's size.

Click on the link for the newly converted MOV file once it appears on the site. It will have the file name with ".mov" on the end. A download window will appear. Click on "Save As" to begin downloading your converted file to your computer's default folder.


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