How to Convert Videos Online

by Andrew Smith

Video conversion programs can be used to download online videos and then convert those videos to different formats. If you only want to convert one or two videos, however, you may not want to spend the money on one of these programs. One way to avoid doing so is to convert the videos using an online converter. These websites work just as well as a software program and they allow you to convert videos for free.


Copy the link for the video you wish to convert online.

Go to the Movavi Online homepage (see Resources below).

Click "URL" found on the left side of the page. A text box will appear. Then, paste the link that you copied in step one into that text box.

Choose the format for the video. Click the "select an output format" drop box and then choose one of the formats listed.

Click "Convert." The video will begin converting and a small window will appear. When the conversion process ends, a "Download" link will show up in that window. Click that link to download and save the video.

Media Converter

Log onto the Media Converter website (see Resources below).

Paste the URL for the video you wish to convert in the text box found in the "Conversion Wizard" box. Then, click "OK." Four different options will appear.

Select "go to the next step." Then, click the "output file type" drop box. Choose one of the listed file types. Click "OK."

Click the "Start" tab. The video will be converted. When it finishes, you will see a "download" link on the bottom of the page. Click that link in order to save the video to your computer.

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