How to Convert a Video MP4 Format to an .MPG

by Nasim Bey

MP4 (MPEG-4) is a high-quality video format supported on a wide range of media players and popularized by video-sharing websites. You may need to convert an MP4 into an .MPG (a common extension for MPEG-2) for burning onto an MPEG-2 compatible disc medium, such as Super Video CD or DVD. The following shareware conversion programs support MP4-to-MPG conversion: Aimersoft Convert MPG to MP4, OJOsoft Total Video Converter and Avidemux.


Download and install Avidemux (see Resources).

Open Avidemux. Click "File." Select "Open...." Select the MP4 and click "Open."

Click "Copy" under "Video" and select "MPEG-2 (mpeg2enc)" from the drop-down menu.

Click "Copy" under "Audio" and select "mp2(lav)" from the drop-down menu.

Click on the "Format" drop-down menu and select "MPEG Video."

Click "File." Select "Save" and click "Save Video...." Name the file with an .MPG extension. Click "Save."

Aimersoft Convert MP4 to MPG

Download and install Aimersoft Convert MP4 to MPG (see Resources).

Open Aimersoft Convert MP4 to MPG. Click "Add Video." Select the AVI and click "Open."

Click on the "Profile:" drop-down menu. Click "Common Video" and select "MPEG-2 Movie - NTSC(*.mpg)."

Click "Browse..." to select a file output folder. Click on the "Start" icon for the conversion process to begin. After the conversion process is complete, go to the output folder to access the MPG file.

OJOsoft Total Video Converter

Download and install OJOsoft Total Video Converter (see Resources).

Open OJOsoft Total Video Converter. Click "Browse..." across from "Input File Name:." Select the MP4 and click "Open." Select "Browse..." across from "Output File Name:." Choose the output folder and click "Save."

Click on the "MPEG Profile:" drop-down menu and select "MPG Video: MPEG-2."

Click "Convert." Wait for the MP4-to-MPG file conversion process to complete. After completion, open the output folder to view the newly converted MPG file.

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