How to Convert a Video to MP4

by Alexis Lawrence

There are many popular file types for digital video files. AVI, MPEG and MOV are commonly seen video file extensions. While MPEG and MOV are more compressed--and therefore smaller--than AVI files, all of these file types create fairly sizable files, making them less than ideal for portable media devices, such as MP3 players. MP4 is a popular video file format with a small size, making it perfect for MP3 players. It is possible to convert nearly any type of video into the MP4 format.

Go to the online converter (see Resources section below). The free conversion site can do numerous types of conversions and can convert dozens of different video file types to MP4.

Pull the video file into the converter. There is a "Browse" button next to "File" at the top of the Media-Convert screen. This will bring up a search box. Browse your computer for the video file and click "Open."

Select the MP4 output format. When you pull in a video, two boxes will appear next to "Output Format." Choose "No Video Preset" in the first one and select either "IPOD/IPHONE MP4 Video (.mp4)" or "PLAYSTATION (PSP) MP4 Video (.mp4)." If you will be using the MP4 on your MP3 player, choose "IPOD/IPHONE." This will resize the video to an MP3 player screen size.

Name the MP4 file. "Rename File To" is in the "Advanced Settings" area. Type whatever name you want to give your MP4 file in the box. If you do not type a name in the box, your file will automatically be given the same name as your original video file.

Click "OK" next to "I Accept the Terms." This is located on the right side of the screen above the "Advanced Settings" area. This will begin converting your video to MP4. Media-Convert monitors the conversion status on screen and, once the conversion is complete, will direct you to a new screen. Click on the link that appears on the screen and save your converted MP4 file to your hard drive.

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