How to Convert Video Files Into Audio-Only Files

By Aurelio Locsin

AVC conversion program
i Copyright © 2009 by Aurelio Locsin

Does a video file contain music that's so good that you want to listen to it on your car CD player? Or while exercising, you want to follow a video documentary on your MP3 player? Or you just don't like the images but want the rock score of a music video? Turn the video file into an audio file with a conversion program.

Download conversion program, such as Any Video Converter (AVC), from

Install the program and run it.

Set the output folder for the converted file. This example uses the "Set Output Option" option of the "File" menu to store converted files into the "My Sounds" folder.

Find the video file to convert and select it. For example, use the "Add Video Files" option of the "File" menu to choose TEST.AVI, which appears in the program window. For multiple conversions, add several files at the same time.

Choose an audio format for the converted file. This example chooses MP3 Audio in the Profile box on the upper right.

Click the "Convert" button. The conversion progress appears in a status bar. When finished, the program puts the audio file in the storage folder and names it with the original file name and the audio extension. This example creates the TEST.MP3 file.

Test your sound file by playing it with an outside audio player, such as Windows Media Player.