How to Convert a Video CD Movie to an MP4

By Alizarin Black

VCD, or VideoCD, is a format that contains about 74 minutes of video and audio. The audio and video are encoded and stored in MPEG-1 format. The VCD can be played on all computers with a CD-ROM drive and some standalone DVD players. MP4, or MPEG-4, is a video format that uses different compression for its video and audio tracks. Video is encoded in MPEG-4, and AAC is the audio used to compress the audio. Many media players support MP4 video files. If you want to convert a Video CD movie to an MP4, download a video converter.

Xilisoft Video Converter

Download and install Xilisoft Video Converter (see Resources).

Run Xilisoft Converter.

Upload your Video CD movie. Click "Add Files" on Xilisoft's toolbar to browse your computer for a VCD.

Click "Open" when you are finished browsing for the VCD you want to convert to MP4.

Click "Profile" to select "MP4" as the output format. Output format is the video format you are converting your VCD as.

Click "Browse" to find a folder to save the MP4.

Click "Converted Checked Item(s)" on Xilisoft's toolbar to convert a video CD movie to an MP4.

ImTOO MP4 Converter

Download and install ImTOO MP4 Converter (see Resources).

Run ImTOO MP4 Converter.

Load your VCD into ImTOO MP4 Converter. Click "File" and "Add Files" to load a VCD, then click "Open."

Click "Profile" to select "MP4" as the output video format, then click "Browse" to select a folder where you are saving the MP4 file.

Click "Convert" to begin converting VCD to MP4.

AVS Video Converter

Download and install the AVS Video Converter (see Resources).

Open AVS Video Converter.

Load a Video CD into AVS Video Converter by clicking "Browse." "Browse" is located by the "Input File Name" section.

Click "MP4" on AVS Video Converter toolbar, and then click "Browse" by "Output File Name" to find a location on your computer to save the MP4.

Click "Convert Now" to convert your videos.