How to Convert VHS to DVD Using Panasonic

By James Clark

Copy old VHS tapes quickly to DVD with a Panasonic combo unit.
i boitier et cassette vhs image by PASQ from

Panasonic manufactures DVD/VCR combo units that are capable of recording either blank media discs or VHS tapes. A convenient one-touch dubbing feature makes it possible to copy VHS tapes automatically onto DVD. The tape begins playback and the DVD burner starts recording to the disc, which will finalize and eject when complete. Old VHS tapes, which become brittle with age, can be copied onto long-lasting DVDs without any of the additional steps associated with converting tape to disc in other ways, such as connecting a VCR to a computer.

Insert a VHS tape into the front-loading compartment of the VCR on the Panasonic component. Advance or rewind the tape to the starting point for recording.

Press the "Eject" button next to the DVD recorder tray, then place a blank DVD in the tray and close. The word "Start" will begin flashing on the LCD screen on the front of the unit.

Press and hold the "DVD" button on the component until the "Start" message is no longer flashing. This will take about three seconds, according to the user manual for the Panasonic combo unit.

Press the button labeled "Record" to begin dubbing the tape onto DVD. The button has a red circle in the center. The "Copy" status light will illuminate to the right of the "Record" button to show that copying is underway.

Remove the DVD form the media tray when it ejects on completion of the recording. The VHS cassette will also eject after rewinding automatically when it reaches the end.