How to Convert a VGA Connection to RGB

By Editorial Team

Updated July 21, 2017

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VGA (video graphics array) connector cables are the most common connection between desktop computers and computer monitors. Some newer televisions are compatible with VGA cables, but most are not. If you want to connect a television to a computer to be used in lieu of a monitor, it is necessary to convert the VGA cable into an RGB (red, green, blue) component video cable. This is easily done by using the proper adapter.

Purchase a VGA to RGB adapter from any retailer that carries computer hardware.

Power off your computer and your television. For additional safety for you and your electronic equipment, disconnect both from their power sources to prevent risk of injury or damage caused by electric shock.

Connect the VGA end of the adapter to your computer. The VGA end is the end with only one connection, and it looks like a small plastic box.

Connect the RGB end to your television. The RGB end is the end with three colored wires (red, green and blue).

Power on your computer and television. If necessary, adjust your computer to display the proper input. Your computer's information should now be displayed on the television screen.


The reverse translation (RGB to VGA) is also possible. You can purchase adapters to convert an RGB cable into a VGA cable from the same retailers that sold you the VGA to RGB adapter.


While following these procedures allows you to convert a VGA connection to an RGB, there is no guarantee your monitor or other VGA device will be able to display the signal once it has been converted. To ensure compatibility, check with the information provided by your device's manufacturer.